Our Story/ How Did It All Start

My name is Marcelino but I’m called by my nickname, Marcel.
I moved from Brazil to the U.S in 1989. Didn’t know any English back then but with just a few weeks in the country knocking at every business door looking for work I was soon hired to work as a parking attendant at a parking lot in Manhattan NY. About 2 years or so into working there I was promoted into the managing position.

I got to meet the love of my life in 1994 and got married in March of 1996. Soon after getting married, I realized 2 things: 1) how good I was at handling Home Improvement projects and 2) how kind, friendly, and polite my wife was. I knew right off the bat that she and I together, formed a great team, so I thought: “Why not start my own business and work alongside my lovely bride? I can execute the work and she can be my administrative assistant”.

then used all the savings I had buying books and VHS tapes at Home Depot that would teach on Home Improvement projects (this is back in the day where there was no Youtube or Google to search for tutorials). I remember watching the VHS videos and reading those books repeatedly, over and over again. When my first child was born I felt compelled to quit my manager’s position and just go for my dream of starting my own Home Improvement company.

Eventually, down the path, I decided to specialize in Interior and Exterior Painting. Throughout this whole journey, I’ve always had the privilege of having my wife by my side assisting me as my administrative assistant. Together we’ve served our clients for 21+ years with dedication and excellence and have built many strong business relationships.

Who We Are

Overtop is a family-owned and operated company with over 21 years of expertise in the painting industry.

Our knowledgeable and talented crew is committed to producing quality work that gives our clients a superb finished product.

Our goal is to provide the best value for your painting project while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We focus on your specific needs producing results that demonstrate our high standards of excellence.

OverTop is not interested in being a quantity driven company but rather a quality driven company.

Through our excellence and integrity, we are focused on building business relationships that create satisfied and long term clients resulting in an Over the Top referral network.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Expertise

You can feel confident knowing you are hiring one of the most experienced painting crews out there.

We are Fully Licensed and Insured

We carry commercial general liabilty and
worker’s compensation insurance for your
peace of mind.

Superior Quality

We care about the smallest details of your project beacuse details matter.

Clean Work Area

We take care of cleaning up at the end of
every work day so you won’t have to.

On Time

We will show up at the scheduled time
and complete the job efficiently and in
a timely manner.

On Budget

When pricing a project, we price it fairly.
Plus no surprise fees when we’re done.

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