Homeowners in general but especially in Orlando,FL  get confused when it comes to whether or not they should hire a professional to take care of their interior painting or try to do it themselves. The truth is, unless you have done a painting job before, either as a homeowner or a professional you won’t really understand how much work is involved with a painting project, until you attempt to tackle it yourself. Coming from a professional expert myself, believe me when I say that there is a great deal of work involved with a painting project. It’s not just like coloring a kid’s coloring book and for sure is also a lot more than just applying paint to the walls. So if you’ve felt tempted of doing it yourself with the attempt to save you some money, you should probably consider all that this project entails and just how much it would probably end up costing you to correct a painting job that was done incorrectly or poorly for lack of experience and expertise.

Professional Painter versus Doing it Myself

So let’s look at some advantages of letting a professional Orlando painting contractor handle this job for you.

          1) Expertise and Advice – You have to make choices when taking on an interior painting project. There is nothing like having a trained and experienced expert to rely on for feedback, suggestions and advice when it comes to making choices for your project. You want to hear from who knows the business!

          2) Skills – It may not seem like a complex job until you try to take on the whole project yourself. Even if this is not your very first attempt at painting, you are not going to get results like you would if you let pros take on the job for you. It pays off to invest on a painting project done by someone who does it on a daily basis.

         3) Quality Tools and paint – more than likely, you don’t already have     high quality tools and paints in your garage just waiting to be used. So it only makes sense that you would have to invest in buying all the supplies needed to complete the project and having to find a place to store them afterwards. This alone becomes very expensive, especially for items you are not likely to use again any time soon.

      4) Prep work and clean up – What most people don’t realize is that the majority of the work is about preparing the walls and the space (for interior jobs) and then the clean up. You have to work on a surface that is clean and free of any damage and then take care of extensive and messy clean up. It can get very messy if you have no experience, believe me!

      5) Get the Job Done Right First Time- Again you don’t want to end up spending a lot of money hiring a painting professional to come correct the job that was incorrectly or poorly done. You can avoid all the headache just by letting a pro handle the job for you by painting it right the first time. We are known by the company that get the Painting Done Right Every Time.

Making the Decision that You Won’t Regret

Now that you got yourself acquainted with all the benefits of hiring a trained painting professional you just have to make the right choice. With so many options to choose from in the Orlando area, you absolutely won’t go wrong with choosing OverTop Painting LLC., with over 21 years experience in the remodeling and construction business you are going to see for yourself why our customers are so happy and satisfied with their results (check out our testimonials), as you will become one of them too! 

Contact us today and let us transform your place into a bright and beautiful space.


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  1. I like how you mentioned that professionals will use high-quality paint that will last a long time. My brother is wanting to paint his living room this summer as part of his renovation plans. I’ll have to help him find a good painting service that has experience doing interior jobs.

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